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Business Collective

Committed to thriving Gippsland businesses

Purpose and Objectives

Networking & Collaboration: Provide opportunities for businesses to meet, collaborate, and share resources.

Skill Development: Offer training sessions, workshops, and webinars on business-related topics.

Mentorship: Provide a mentorship program where experienced business leaders can guide startups or entrepreneurs.

Promotion & Marketing: Create and maintain a shared platform to promote Gippsland businesses to a wider audience.

Local Supply Chain Development: Encourage community and businesses to source locally, which can keep more money in the community and strengthen inter-business relationships.

National & International Promotion: Strategically market and showcase Gippsland businesses to national and international audiences, thereby expanding their reach and potential customer base.

Upcoming Workshops

Next Workshop: Wednesday 25 October 2023 – 7:20pm
Topic: Increased Sales, Lead Generation and Referrals
Contact your market organiser for Zoom link